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  • Are the things you’re doing for your writing business not working so well?
  • Do you feel your focus is not as laser sharp as it once was?

  • Have you realized you’re bored or frustrated or uneasy with your writing and/or your business?

  • If you know something needs to change but you're not sure what...

Anne Wayman and Lori Widmer present a

Visioning for Freelance Writers

Visioning for writers

What is Visioning?

A Visioning is a way of getting in touch with your center—your spirit—so you open up to and align with your purpose. When you're aligned and centered, your creativity soars.

Getting a clear view of what you want and  where to go is one way to state the purpose of a Visioning. It's a way you can expand your career, put the pizzazz back in your writing, and the satisfaction back in your life!

Your center is one way to describe your source of inspiration, ideas, and purpose.  You’ll learn to reconnect in a process of introspection that really works.  When you make that connection again, you get back to the focus you once had, finding the inspiration and excitement for writing that’s faded or not quite in focus.

This process is done over the phone with a limited group of people and takes about an hour.

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How does Visioning work?

Visioning works by creating a safe place where a series of specially constructed questions are  asked and answered.

Each participant answers the questions first internally and then in writing. No one else will see, there is no peer pressure and no sense of getting the 'right' or 'correct' answers. Dreams and desires you might not have known, show you a window into what’s right for you and what you really want.

This workshop is based on the work by Dr. Michael Beckwith and adapted for freelance writers.  Some have said it feels a little like magic!

Move beyond just setting goals and open up to growth and expansion for your freelance writing business with a Visioning designed specifically for writers like you.
I was surprised at how the Visioning we did continues to resonate in my writing and in my dreams and goals. Thank you so very much.
~ BC

Visioning is different than visualization because you're allowing Spirit, however you think of that, to inform you, rather than telling that Universal Mind or Self what you want.

Vision for

It sounds magical, and it sometimes seems that way.

What You Need To Know About Attending
  • The Visioning will take place, Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 3 pm Pacific Time - 6 pm Eastern time. (Use this time converter to help you figure out what time the Visioning will be where you are.)
  • When you complete your registration you'll receive the phone number you'll use to join the Visioning.
  • The Visioning will be through Anymeeting.com and there will be a single slide onscreen should you choose to view it. Essentially this is an audio presentation.
  • The Visioning will be recorded. You don't even have to be present - and you can use your recording any time.

Your Visioning allowed me to move into a career that really worked for me - thanks so much! ~ LW

What You Get
Estimated Value
Guided Visioning designed for your freelance writing business and career.
$50 - $500 - (based on what we've charged in the past)

Recording of the Visioning Questions so you can Vision anything  you want for yourself and/or others..
$50 - $500 - (based on what we've charged in the past)
Word file of the Visioning instructions and questions for you to use for yourself or in any other situation - no copyright.
Opportunity to have others witness your Vision if you like.
One free month in the 5 Buck forum.
Opportunity to talk about your Vision in a special thread in the 5 Buck Forum
A Visioning Workbook sent to you after the event which you can use to conduct Visionings for yourself and others.
Total Estimated Value
$125 - $1035

Your cost only - Note, registrations limited to 25 - don't miss out!

BUT WAIT! Sign up by Friday, February 8 and save! You'll pay only $29.95!
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Anne, the Visioning we did brought clarity to my book and my writing. I can't thank you enough - it's magic. ~CS

Got questions? Please contact us at info@aboutwritingsquared. It will help if you put Visioning Question in the subject line.