8 Top Tax-Saving Strategies for Freelancers

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Julian Block

Learn how to make the most of this year's tax return - Join renowned tax expert Julian Block for this hour-long, money-saving webinar!

Julian Block helps freelancers protect their hard-earned dollars from the IRS—not just at filing time, but all through the year.

Learn from an expert what you should do now to get the full benefit of often-overlooked, perfectly legal strategies that can reduce your 2012 taxes by many thousands of dollars, while you gain a head start on tactics to trim 2013’s tab. 

Kickstart your 2012 tax preparations now!

Join Julian, along with Anne Wayman and Lori Widmer, for this hour-long webinar:

8 Top Tax-Saving Strategies for Freelancers

with Julian Block
Tax expert and author Julian Block has yet to meet a federal schedule he can't unravel. A leading tax professional recognized by The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, Julian has advised and instructed countless business owners, helping them save thousands of dollars in deductions. His extensive background includes articles in The Writer, Consumer Reports, Money, and Bloomberg Personal Finance.

He's the author of Julian Block's Easy Tax Guide for Writers, Photographers, and Other Freelancers: Trim Taxes to the Legal Minimum and a number of books addressing specific tax situations. Julian has appeared on the Today Show and Wall Street Journal Reports. 

Here's what you'll learn in this webinar:

      • Filing 101: What forms do I need?
      • The Deductions Dilemma: What's allowed and what isn't?
      • Writers and Losses: Don't overlook a tax break when expenses exceed receipts
      • Depreciation by the numbers: How to claim bigger deductions for this year's equipment purchases  
        • All About Extensions: How asking for extra time can help save money
        • Self-employment taxes: Claiming the special deduction that significantly lowers your payments for those taxes
        • Allowable Expenses: Getting the full benefit allowed
        • Tax Pro Versus Home Filed: When you need a pro and when you don't

What others are saying about Julian Block's books:

“Mr. Block has done a great favor for those of us who can more easily afford the cost of this book than a full-time staff of accountants. He has prepared a guide to reviewing taxes as a manageable investment, instead of an unconquerable burden.” --- American Association of Individual Investors Journal

“Reading about taxes can be almost as unpleasant as paying them, but this book is an exception in a highly competitive field…all the earmarks of a well-researched and well-written book.” --- Library Journal

Praise for Julian Block's expertise:
"An accomplished writer on taxes." – The Wall Street Journal

"A rare talent for unraveling the bureaucratic inspired complications of our annual tax maze."  Greenwich Times.

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What you need to know to attend:

When: Thursday, November 8th, 3 pm Eastern Time /12 pm Pacific Time
(World Time Server will help you figure out what time that is where you are.)

Format: Phone call with online presentation

What You Get: Estimated Value
Program Features
An hour-long seminar led by one of today's leading tax experts

Information to help you streamline your taxes and make return preparation easier. Priceless
Recording of the class - you can attend without even being there!
Class notes in .pdf form
Julian's Compilation of Tax-Saving Articles
Excerpts from Julian's book, including
"No Tax break If Client Stiffs You"
Discount on Julian's Book - save $3.00
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How do I know I'll get my money's worth?
One way to look at it is to ask yourself what it would cost you to hire a recognized tax expert to work just with you. Thought of this way, the webinar becomes a pretty obvious bargain.

How sure can I be I'll get the straight scoop on taxes at the webinar?
Obviously Julian can't address your individual tax questions with any certainty because he won't have access to the detail he needs, but he is an expert and you can be assured that his answers will reflect best practices regarding income tax for writers in the United States.

Will there be time to answer questions during the webinar?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to ask questions during the webinar and Julian will do his best to get them all answered.

Will I have to pay long-distance charges to participate?
You may - it depends on your long distance plan. Check with your carrier to be sure.

How do I know your estimated values are accurate?
You don't, and neither do we. We do, however, research before we decide on an estimated value and work to make them as accurate as we can.

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