Do you feel almost clueless when you see a Google+ Symbol?


You know Google's important and you suspect their Plus Program, whatever it is, is also important - but it's one more social media tool you need to learn and you don't know where to start. Besides, who has time!

You signed up for a Google+ account and wish you had some sense of how to use it.

You get obscure messages notifying you that people you may or may not know have added you to their Google+ Circles or something, and you not only don't know what it means, you couldn't respond if your life depended on it?

Sometimes you click on on a blog post but are unsure what to add or what's happening?

What if it were possible to learn exactly what YOU need to know about Google+ in about an hour?

It is, which is why we created the...

Learn to Use Google Plus In A Hurry Webinar for Writers & Creatives!

Introducing Wade Finnegan

You may know Wade from his blog, Quality Writing. Or maybe you've seen him on Twitter, or even on Google+. He's a freelance writer and teacher from Oregon.

When Google+ was launched he felt exactly the same frustration, but he did something about it.

Wade took the time to become proficient at using Google's entree into social media. Then he started poking around and experimenting until he became pretty much of an expert.

His conclusion? Google+ is well worth the time invested in it.

Because he's a writer he understands exactly how writers and other creatives can make effective use of Google+ and because he's a teacher he, well, knows how to teach it.

In fact, Wade will show you what you need to know about Google +in just about an hour!

Here's what will be covered:

Why Google+? - how it's different and similar to other social media, and how it integrates with other Google services. And why you need to know this stuff.

Your Profile - Basics for setting up your profile, including cool features and functions that G+ has at your fingertips.

What's a circle and why would you want one? Including a look at better ways to distribute information, and how good circle management can lead to better sharing.

Hangouts - How to conduct a hangout and ways to use them for business and to make connections. How to turn your hangouts into YouTube videos and use them for further content.

How to set-up a business page and get more traffic to your profile - and probably more business.

How to use Google+ can increase traffic to your website.
You'll come away from the webinar knowing the hows and whys of Google+ tailored for writers & other creatives just like you.

Wade has helped me understand and start to make good use of Google+. I'm delighted he's giving this webinar.

Anne Wayman
About Freelance Writing & About Writing Squared

Why This Webinar Works

The Get Familiar With Google Plus In A Hurry Webinar for Writers & Creatives! works because it was created by a writer for writers and other creatives. It's produced by About Writing Squared - home of The 5 Buck Forum.

Plus, you'll have a full 30 days in the forum to make sure all your questions are answered.


When: Tuesday August 28th at 2:00 PM Pacific Tme (World Time Server)

Format: Just about an hour over the phone with screen sharing.

What, Exactly, Will You Get? In addition to a great webinar...

  • You'll get a link to a downloadable .mp3 file of the webinar - you can use it for review or benefit from the webinar even if you can't attend.

  • You'll get class notes in .pdf form.

  • And if you're one of the first 6 people to register, you'll get a free 30 minute phone consultation with Wade about Google+.

  • You'll also receive at no cost a full 30 days membership in the 5 Buck Forum. Wade will be there so you'll have a change to ask more questions. Plus you'll be rubbing virtual shoulders with some of the best writers on the planet.

Get Familiar With Google Plus
In A Hurry Webinar
for Writers & Creatives!
Core Program
Just about an hour with Wade Finnegan
showing you what you need to know about

A link to a downloadable .mp3 file for
your review or in case you can't
actually attend.

Class notes in .pdf form

A full month in the 5 Buck Forum

Total Cost only:

Plus, the first 6 people who register will get
a FREE, 30 minute phone consultation with
Wade about Google+ - worth at least $88.00

Got questions? Email us at: freelancewritingsquared@aboutwritingsquared.com with Google+ in the subject line.

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