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Discover how YOU can finally get YOUR book written
without getting stuck
or giving up the rest of your life while you write it

You've been wanting to get a book written for ages, but somehow it just doesn't get done. You find yourself asking... is it possible to write your book without getting lost in the process... a good book, the one you've always wanted to write?
You bet it is, and this course shows you exactly how to do it.
I'm Anne Wayman and I've been writing books, ghostwriting books for others and coaching people through writing their books since 1987. Not surprisingly, I've uncovered many secrets about how you can Get Your Book Written With Vision & Spirit  and even with some grace.

Get Your Book Written With Vision & Spirit is a 21 lesson video class that gently leads you through the process of finally getting your book written.

The course is designed to span a 10 month period with video lessons arriving every other week.

You get to take the class at your own pace because you can keep and use the videos for just as long as you like. And each video is backed up with a text version of the video you can use for study and reference.

The fact that a new lesson comes every two weeks will gently encourage you to stay on course.

You can view a detailed list of all 21 lessons here.

Free coaching with the class!

One of the problems with writing something as long as a book is the isolation an author is apt to feel along the way. The course comes with a FREE 10 month membership in an exclusive online forum where you can ask all the questions you want  - they will be answered by me and (if they want) by your fellow students.  You can also contribute what you know to support others. Easily a $50 value.

I'll also be available to you during the work week to answer short email questions during the 10 months of the class.

Plus, if you're one of the first 14 to register you'll get three FREE 22 minute phone calls with me - a full 66 minutes of one-on-one coaching!  That's $155 value. You'll also get a recording of each of those calls for future reference. The recordings are valued at $30 each or $60 total.

Everyone who registers will get to participate three 45 minute group calls - that's over two hours of coaching - worth $337.50! These calls will also be recorded and are valued at $30 each or $60 total.

The videos, the text lessons, the forum and the calls are designed to give you the support you need as you get your book written.

Ebooks for free too!

Included in this course are my ebooks called How to Write Non-Fiction Book Proposals That Sell!, and 60 Tips for Getting the Writing Done, both of which sell for $9.95, and the never-before released What You Need To Know About The Three Stages  and Umpteen Steps to Getting YOUR Book Published - I'll price it at $9.95 too! Value = $29.85

Okay, what's the course worth?

Well, if you hire a ghostwriter, according to Writer's Market, you'll pay from a low of 50 cents to $3 a word. (To get a 200 page book, which is roughly the minimum that will be considered as a standard book by a trade publisher, you need 35-50,000 words.) That works out to between $15,000 to $150,000. 

You could hire a writing coach - prices are all over the map. My basic charge for coaching is $165 an hour. Again, these prices are all over the map, but figure on at least $10,000 in coaching to get you from start to finish.

Bottom line

Or you could take the Getting Your Book Written With Vision and Spirit video class for only $399.50 for all 21 lessons, paid at just $39.95 per month for 10 months. That works out to only $19.02 a lesson!

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Want to save even more? Save a cool $100 - pay only $299.50 up front.  You'll get all the bonuses too.

Want more information before you sign up? Explore this site - chances are you'll find your answer here or contact me directly.

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