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The 21 Video Lessons

Getting Your Book Written With Vision & Spirit
is a 21 lesson video book writing class. The lessons are delivered every other week for 10 months, but since you get to keep the videos and other material, you can take the class at your own pace.

Each lesson also comes with a text version which you can use to supplement the videos and as a reference. Plus you get support from me and your classmates through an exclusive online forum and through three group coaching calls. And, if you're one of the first 14 to register you'll get three 22 minute one-on-one coaching calls with me.

The 21 video lessons are:

  1. Introduction - Intro to the class, the lessons and the members forum where you will meet other students, be able to ask any questions you want, can stop by for a chat and post your assignments. Plus you'll receive download instructions for your free ebooks and you'll learn about the group calls. If you're one of the first 14 to register you'll receive a separate email telling you how to schedule your three 22 minute coaching classes.

  2. Vision Your Book - Visioning is a nifty process that will enlarge your view of your book and your role as it's creator. It will ground you and your book and generally prepare you mentally for the book writing process.  We'll do our first group call after this lesson.

  3. Defining Your Book's Purpose - Getting crystal clear on your book's actual purpose both guides you throughout the writing process and helps you begin to develop your book's marketing message.

  4. Finding Your Ideal Reader - You need an ideal reader (or two or three, but no more) because a book written for everyone is actually written for no one. Once you know exactly who you're writing for both the writing and the marketing will become easier because of your clarity.

  5. Create Your Working Table Of Contents - Your working TOC is just that, a working document that's surprisingly easy to develop using this method. It further grounds the book and acts as a road map for the actual writing. 

  6. Getting The Writing Done 1 - You'll learn specific methods to get started writing, even when it's tough, and to keep with it until you're finished with your book.

  7. Your Ideal Writing Day / Month - Designing your writing so it fits nicely into the rest of your life.

  8. Making Long Manuscripts Work For You - You learn how to set up your book's manuscript properly so it actually does some of the work for you. Neat! We'll have our second group call after this lesson.

  9. Getting The Writing Done 2 - You'll discover even more ways to keep writing and what to do when you think you're stuck.

  10. Rewriting And Editing - Here you'll find the important differences between writing, rewriting and editing, how to do each, plus you'll also learn how not to get lost looking for perfection.

  11. From Idea to Book - In this lesson you'll come away understanding the actual steps involved in bringing a book to readers, from idea to distribution and sales for both trade and self-published books.

  12. Book Proposal or Completed Book? This is a great question - and I'll show you how to decide the right approach for your book.

  13. What About Agents? Do you need one? Want one? If you have one, what can you expect? Learn the pros and cons of literary agents.

  14. Write a Great Query Letter - You'll learn to to write this most basic and necessary sales document - a skill you need to market your book, and you will be marketing your book.

  15. Know Your Rights - You need to have an understanding of copyrights and other rights and how to protect yourself and your work.

  16. Trade Publishing & Self-Publishing Contrasted - In today's world every book author needs to understand both so you can decide what works for you and your book.

  17. Where Do Ebooks Fit In All Of This? Ebooks are becoming more important every day it seems. Find out what this means for you and your book.

  18. You've Got To Market Your Book! Yes you do! Here's how to think about marketing it in ways that will make it possible for you to do it well.

  19. Would a Ghostwriter Help? Ghostwriters have a long and honorable history. Would one work for you? What you need to know before you hire one.

  20. Would a Writing Coach Help? What you might expect from one and what you need to know before you hire one.

  21. Finding an Agent or a Publisher - Learn how to find one or the other and why it's (almost) never both. We'll schedule our final group call as a windup for the class.

Remember, it's also in print!

I know not everyone's learning style lends itself to watching videos - which is why every lesson also has it's own downloadable file (.pdf) so you can actually read the lesson if you want. These text versions are also great for review, for printing so you can make your own notes right where they will be most helpful.

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