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Will this class work for me?

Of course you're wondering if this class will work for you. Well, I know it can work, because this is the method I use for writing my own books, ghostwriting books for others, and coaching still others through the process of getting their book written. I've distilled it into video and text form so more people can take advantage of what I've learned.

BUT I can't guarantee it will work for you.

I suspect it will work for you - if you work at it and if you work at it the way it's presented here, or close to the way it's presented. This approach has worked many times for me and for others.

A major component of the course is that it provides a structure for getting your book written. Each lesson has an assignment and you have two weeks before the next lesson with an assignment arrives. I've been careful not to overload you, but there is work involved. You'll receive a new lesson every two weeks.

The structure of the class looks like this:
  • The first five lessons are designed to help you get clear on your book, and get the book organized so you really know what you are writing about.  Without this kind of clarity you're likely to find yourself stalling out somewhere down the road; with clarity you can always get back on track. Plus, everything you do in the first five lessons will also inform your marketing - a double whammy if you like.

  • Lessons six through eleven are about the actual process of getting your book written. Included are writing tips, ways to find the time to write and how to stick to it, plus a deepening understanding of just how books actually get written, edited and published that you'll be able to apply directly to your book. You'll be well into the writing of the book by the time you complete these eleven lessons.

  • The balance of the lessons are a combination of information you'll find helpful while you're writing your book plus support while you actually get the writing done.You'll also draw from previous lessons so you can write, rewrite, edit and begin the marketing of your book even before you're finished writing it.
What I've found is that if people are willing to do the work in the way I talk about here, they end up with a book. It's not magic and it is hard work, but it does work.

I really believe getting a book written is one of life's more satisfying experiences. I also know how daunting it can be. I can promise you I've worked hard to get everything I know about getting a book written into this class.

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