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FAQ - aka Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions I get asked about this class. If yours isn't here, just contact me and I'll answer it for you.

  • Have you written any books? Yes, both for myself and as a ghostwriter for others. I've also coached writers through their books. You can see a complete list of my book writing credits here - well, as complete as any ghost writer can claim; I only include ghost credits when the author has specifically told me I can. You'll also see some relevant testimonials there too.

  • Will I have a book completed by the end of the class? Probably not - unless you can devote a full-time effort to writing your book now and even then you are unlikely to completely finish in ten months. I have had a few clients complete their books in as little as six months, but that's unusual. Generally it takes a year to 18 months or even two years, and sometimes much longer. Particularly when it's your first book. What you will have is both a firm foundation and clarity about your book plus real practice at getting the writing done so you can finish your book. You'll also have 16 months support in the forum - which you can extend if you need or want to.

  • How much time will this class take? Great question! One reason there are 21 lessons is I've kept each one fairly short - less than 30 minutes each in most cases. There are close to 10 hours of viewing time total, spread over 10 months. Each lesson has an assignment. Some will take you only a few minutes, but since you'll actually be developing your book, many of them will take much longer. How much longer is impossible to say. A full-time book writer probably spends three to five hours a day actually writing the book. Part time book writers can get a book written in 30 minutes or less a day. The class addresses how to get the writing done and how anyone can set up a writing schedule that works for them.

  • I see other ways of getting a book written. Why is your method the best? Yes, there are other ways to get a book written - lots of them. I'm not sure I'd label my way as 'the best' way. I know it's a good way because I've written many books this way and coached others to do the same. Every author is different and what works for one may not work for another. That said, I know this way works for me and has worked for many more. It's also an approach that helps people who are stuck get unstuck. Getting YOUR Book Written With Vision & Spirit is a solid approach that really works.

  • How can I be sure my idea won't be stolen if I participate in the forum? Here's one truth about ideas: if you and I both wrote a book about, oh say,  how to train a dog, the books would be very different because each of us would bring our own, unique perspective. Plus you can't copyright an idea anyway, only its expression.

  • Okay, that may be true, but are two books about training dogs likely to sell at roughly the same time? Does the first one have an advantage? Another truth about publishing is the success of any particular book is dependent more on how well it's marketed than its publication date.

  • So are you telling me protecting my idea isn't necessary? Yes, in general. If you have discovered something truly new, like a scientific discovery, you might need to worry and should probably patten it. There are also some situations where you might want to file a trademark on your book's logo if it has one. If either one is the case, let's have a conversation before you join the class - contact me. However, most books, including mine, don't fall into those categories and you really don't need to try to protect your idea. In fact you can't protect an idea. Copyrights only protect the expression of an idea - so write the very best book you can, be willing to market it and you'll be fine. .

  • I've come up with a great, pithy title - I'm afraid someone might take it it's so good. Yet another truth is that book titles cannot be copyrighted. Under certain limited situations, you might be able to trademark the logo design including the title for your book but still the title couldn't be copyrighted. You can, of course, participate in the forum without using the title of your book. Or you could make up a bad title.

  • Will you edit my book? No, not as part of the class. Editing is a different sort of arrangement. The class will coach you through the process of writing your book. Editing and copyediting is addressed in the class. If you're asking if you can hire me to coach you directly, or to edit your book for a fee, the answer is probably yes. See for details.

  • Can I talk with you before I sign up for the class? Sure - you'll find several ways to contact me here and I'm happy to talk with you. 

  • Will I have to pay long distance charges for the calls? Maybe. It depends on your long distance plan and where you're calling from. The prefix of the number you'll be calling will most likely be 712 - check with your phone provider to find out for sure.

  • Can I use Skype? You can try. You need to know we'll be using a conference line for the calls. Just be aware that Skype sometimes creates echos on conference calls and if your Skype connection creates a problem you'll have to mute yourself - worst case I may ask you to disconnect. If this happens, it often works to simply call in again on Skype - you may get a non-echoing connection. 

  • How will I be notified of each class? When you complete your registration you'll also agree to accept email notices from me. Every two weeks you'll got notification of the next class.

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee? No, I don't. I've tried to figure out what I can guarantee and what I can't and the truth is all I can promise you is this class is my best effort and the system has worked for many people when they do the work. The page, Will this class work for me? will give you more information. And if it turns out you're unhappy I hope you contact me - maybe we can fix it.

  • How do I know that the dollar values you quote for the bonuses are real? You can check my other websites and see what I charge for ebooks is the same price I use here. The price I put on the telephone calls is based on my coaching fees. The prices I quote for ghostwriting are pretty easy to find. In other words, I've done some homework and have attempted to make those prices and values as real and as honest as I can.

  • How will I know if I'm one of the first 14 to register and entitled to three 22 minute coaching calls with you? You'll get an email from me congratulating you and telling you exactly what you need to do to schedule the first of your three calls.

  • My question isn't here - how can I get it answered? Easy, just contact me - if you email it helps if you put something like book writing class question in the subject line - and I'll get it answered for you.

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