An About Writing Squared Webinar with Lori Widmer & Anne Wayman

31 Days to
Trade Magazine Profits

A complete training for freelance writers

I'm convinced! Although the price is $99.99 price, because I'm a member of the 5 Buck Forum I'll pay only $49.95!

You'll discover how writing for
the trades makes sense,
including why:
      • Trades are thriving while other markets aren't

      • Trades are paying so well and what you can expect

      • Working in one market  can transfer to other trades easily

      • Writing for trades can bring you regular work

      • You increase your writing value writing for trades

      • Trades can make you a sought-after writer

      • Trades can be a springboard to other writing

      • Trade magazine writing will increase your confidence
You'll learn how to make
good money writing for the
trades, including how to:
      • Find trade magazines that pay well

      • Determine which trades are best for you

      • Approach the editor (call, query, Letter Of Introduction, etc.)

      • Use current clips to land assignments

      • Develop a specialty or specialties

      • Make trade associations work for you

      • Write a LOI & query (A bit different than the Approach)

      • Make good use of PR people and press releases
This is what you'll get with this Webinar:

You'll receive an mp3 of both sessions - you don't even need to attend to benefit.

You'll also receive a .pdf that will give you the details, in writing, of what we talk about.

Yes - you'll be able to ask questions both before and during the webinar.

Here's how this Dynamic 2-Session Webinar will work:

Session 1 on Tuesday, July 24 at
9 am Pacific, 12 pm Eastern time
Session 2 on Thrusday, July 26 at
9 am Pacific, 12 pm Eastern

I'm convinced! Although the price is $99.99 price, becauseI'm a member of the 5 Buck Forum I'll pay only $49.95!


You also need to know that:
When you sign up you'll receive an email with the details of the call and a way you can ask your questions, in advance,
about writing for the trades.

Questions? Send an email to: