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for joining the Getting Your Book Written With Vision & Spirit class!

What happens next?

You get email! Three emails, in fact - and this is the only time you'll get that many at one time, I promise. After this you'll bet one  every two weeks telling about the next class - the info on the calls will go out separately.

The initial 3 emails

First, all the emails come from LoriBean which is how Lori and I hold the PayPal account for About Writing Squared, this and other classes, and the 5 Buck Forum.

  1. You'll get an email from PayPal that acts as your receipt. If you notice it says you have a 10 month trial period - those are the 10 lessons, one each month. Because it's unlikely you'll get your book finished in the 10 months, I've set this up to continue your forum membership at $5 a month until you go to PayPal and cancel it - which is easy to do. You don't need to do anything with this email

  2. You'll get a second email from PayPal advising you that you've sent an automatic payment to us. You don't need to do anything with this email either.

  3. You'll get an email from ClassGettingYourBookWritten atGet Response asking you to confirm you want email about this class.  the link provided. This is how you'll get notified of each class and the details on the group phone calls.

In theory these three emails will come in that order, but it doesn't always happen that way.

If you don't get all three, contact me: and I'll get you sorted out. Here are some other ways to contact me.

If you're one of the first 14 to register you'll get an email from me telling you how to schedule your three 22 minute coaching sessions with me.
Once again, thanks so much for joining the class!

You've made a big descison to move your book forward; you might want to take a break, get outside for a few moments as a way of grounding yourself in this new venture.

As always, write well and often,