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You write and you’re also in the business of freelance writing...

... and you often wonder where can you get good answers to your questions,
hang out with folks like you and maybe have some fun. Even if it’s 2:47 am.

If you're like most freelance writers, when you started to make a living writing you didn't really 'get' that you were in business for yourselves, nor did you realize the solitude you need to write would sometimes drive you up a wall! writer's

Which means you have questions, probably like these:
•    Who can I get to tell me if this query is on track? And if it isn’t, how to fix it?

•    My best client has turned into a slow payer! Should I really try to charge a late fee?

•    When should I make the break to full-time freelance writing? How can I do it?

•    I’ve been asked to write two blog posts a week – how do I charge for that?

•    What’s been your experience with X service?

•    Gee, where can I hang out with another writer or two? Just for a bit?

•    Should I have a blog? Why?

•    What’s the difference, really, between a web site and a blog?

•    How do I build residual or passive income for my retirement?
Questions about writing, questions about technology, questions about contracts, question about fees, questions about marketing… the list goes on.

WriterJoining About Writing Squared (and the 5 Buck Forum) was the best decision I made for my freelance  business. Not only do I get to pick the brains of some very established freelancers, but the support and feedback I receive in the forum is phenomenal. No question is too simple to ask and no fear is too silly to voice.

If you're looking for a place to hang out with other freelancers in a friendly, non-judgmental and troll free environment, the Five Buck Forum is it. ~ Samar Owais - Blogging at The Writing Base & Creator of How To Break Free Of Low Paying Writing Gigs (And Earn More)

isolated writerSure, a Google search might help, but often you end up with more information than anyone can make sense of – and it’s hard to figure out what applies to you in your situation.

That’s when the solitude that makes your writing possible can begin to feel like… isolation!

You know there are good people who are willing to help, but sometimes you don’t know how to find them – not when you need them the most.

What if you could conjure a few of those good folks to talk with?

Maybe you’d join them at your favorite coffee shop and just talk about everything to do with writing and the business of writing, and running a writing business.

You’d chat with other writers – some who’ve gone through exactly what you’re going through right now and who can offer both helpful suggestions and deep listening. Others would turn to you for help because you’ve walked the path they’re starting now.

That sense of isolation would disappear. You’d get your questions answered. You’d know the satisfaction of helping writer's
                    talkingothers and you’d go back to the writing solitude refreshed and renewed.

That's exactly why we created the 5 Buck Forum!

It's a place where you know you can find writers who...
•    Are as determined as you are to succeed.
•    Have the self-confidence to be generous with their knowledge and ideas.
•    Know the business side of writing is truly important.
•    Like to have some fun now and again.
Who's 'we'?

Lori Widmer (Words on the Page) and Anne Wayman (About Freelance Writing) had been successful freelancers for years when they met in a writers forum that Anne was then running for When that gig ended, the two stayed in touch, often consulting with each other, sometimes whining a bit, and generally supporting each other.

Anne said, "I knew I could count on Lori to tell me the truth about my writing or any business situation I'd gotten into. She was a huge help."

Lori agreed, saying, "Anne always had my back! We were simpatico. I was delighted when she asked me to co-moderate her original forum and devastated when she no longer was there."

Finally the penny dropped and the two realized they could create and offer a forum to writers that would do more than just duplicate the original - so they created About Writing Squared (from the two Ws of their last names) with the 5 Buck Forum as the centerpiece.
Sharon Hurley
                      HallAbout Writing Squared is my favorite writer forum. It is a friendly space where new writers can interact with experienced writers who are happy to share their knowledge on any issue that troubles you – and experienced writers can learn new approaches from new writers. I visit the forum almost every day because I know I will find information from fellow freelance writers whom I respect that will be relevant, useful and may even make me smile . It’s simply a great writer hangout. ~ Sharon Hurley Hall who blogs at Get Paid To Write Online. (See her review of the 5 Buck Forum.)

Deals, bonuses, webinars and products oh my!

Although the core of About Writing Squared is the forum, there's more.

You'll get a FREE copy of Uncover Your Hidden Profit Potential, the report from a webinar we gave, which is full of ways to think about and market yourself and your writing.

You'll also have early access and discounted prices for each webinar we offer. Webinars like Uncover Your Hidden Profit Potential
and 31 Days to Trade Magazine Profits, Getting the Most From LinkedIn, and an upcoming presentation on Freelance Writers and Taxes.

Each webinar is recorded and includes class notes so you can get all the information without even attending the class.

Occasionally other forum members also offer their writing products at a discount.

Both Anne and Lori offer their ebooks and other products to members at a discount of at least 10%.

And they write informative blog posts almost every week about various aspects of writing and the business of writing just for members.

Cathy MillerI tried forums in the past and found a lot of negative vibes. Because I know and respect both Anne Wayman and Lori Widmer, I gave About Writing Squared forum a shot. What a breath of fresh air. The community is friendly, supportive, and extremely generous with sharing their knowledge. We have writers of every level from the beginner to seasoned pros and from all parts of the world.

About Writing Squared has become a daily habit I embrace. I know if I need a solution to a problem or a boost from hanging out with fellow writers who understand, About Writing Squared is where I go. It's a great place that represents all that is good about the online world. ~ Cathy Miller who blogs at Simply Stated Business

So here's the deal:
5 buck forum
When you join the 5 Buck Forum you pay (gasp) $5 a month! Which, if you do the math, comes out to a mere $60 a year. Less than many of us pay for fancy coffee, pens and pencils.

That $5 includes:

Unlimited access to the forum 24/7. You can lurk, you can ask questions, you can post your most recent blog, you can find markets, offer help, make suggestions, whine (a bit) and generally renew yourself so you can get back to your writing refreshed and more knowledgeable about your work.

Plus, when you register you'll immediately get a FREE copy of Uncover Your Hidden Profit Potential - the 12 page report from the webinar of the same name.

Plus - at least a 10% discount on every Webinar - which happen every month or so. Webinars cover such topics as queries, marketing, LinkedIn, taxes, etc. etc.

And you'll get at least a 10% discount on every product Anne and Lori offer.

More discounts on products offered by other members.

Plus almost every week there's a new blog post about the freelance writing game and the total article is exclusively available to members only.


Unlimited 24/7 access to the forum

Free copy of Uncover Your Hidden Profit Potential

Discounts on Webinars (est. per year value)

Discounts on Products by Anne & Lori (est. per year value)

Discounts on products by other members (est. per year value)

Almost weekly blog posts exclusive for members


Total value


You pay only
$5 per month
or $60 per year!
Saving you at least $921.95

Note: The 5 Buck Forum membership is recurring - your credit card will be automatically billed when your membership comes up for renewal. But, it's easy to cancel your membership at any time through Paypal - and we'll be happy to help you do so if you need us to.

The 5 Buck Forum is an all around great place to share your freelance trials and triumphs. Successful writers offer tips, support and encouragement for writers at all levels. It is a casual, friendly place to learn about every aspect of professional writing, from social media to technical blogging tips to marketing your writing services. ~ Terry Carr of YogaSOULutions.

What does the 5 Buck Forum look like? How does it work?
When you join, you set up your own log in information. It's secure because only you know it. You can retrieve lost passwords, but no one else has access to them, not even Anne and Lori.

The first thing you'll see when you log in is your dashboard. It's here that you can check out Member Specials, read the blog posts available only to members, ask for help, take a peak at what's coming up and, of course, actually go to the forum:

writer's forum 

When you enter the forum you'll be presented with a list of topics.

You can find the topics and updates new since your last visit - you don't have to try to remember, the forum does it for you. You can look at the new topics one at a time or in any order you choose, or ignore them.

All the forum topics are also available from the Select Forum button.

Of course, the forum also has a search function. In other words it's easy to participate in and initiate conversations.

list of topics

The top panel of the topic list and every topic lets you find your way easily to everything at About Writing Squared. You're free to explore or ignore anything you want.

You probably won't use all the controls right away, but be assured it's pretty intuitive and it never hurts to just click a button and see what happens. You can't break it, promise.

writers forum

Within each topic are various conversations. Here you're seeing what's in The Writing Business.

You can start a new topic with the click of a button, and it's just as easy to participate in one that's already started. And it's okay to lurk and read and wait until you're entirely comfortable before you post.

writer's forum

other words, you can participate as much or as little as you want. The control is in your hands and you can do the forum exactly as you choose. It's really pretty nifty.

Got questions? This FAQ may help

Why only 5 dollars a month?

We considered lots of prices - everything from $10-$25 a month. We wanted a price that wouldn't pose a hardship, but we didn't want to do the forum for free - we wanted some financial commitment from members. Anne had been playing with prices for a couple of days, consulting with Lori, but nothing felt right. As can happen, when she shut down the computer and left to have coffee with Mastermind Group, the phrase "5 Buck Forum" appeared in her head. The group liked it and it still felt right the next day. Lori liked the sound of it and so the forum was named. [Back to FAQs]

How do I know your estimated values are accurate?
You don't, not really and neither do we, not exactly. We have worked to provide an honest guess at how often you might participate and based our pricing on past offers. Then we multiplied. Finally we shut both eyes (well all four, actually) and picked a number we felt was reasonably close.

Am I obligated to buy anything else?

No, not a thing. Ever! Yes, we offer Webinars and ebooks and products we think many of our members will find useful, but you don't have to sign up for any of them or purchase a thing other than your membership. [Back to FAQs]

Will you protect my privacy?

Absolutely! We will never sell, rent or give away the information you provide us. Period. [Back to FAQs]

How do I sign up?

It's easy. Click on either the join button or the subscribe button - they go to the same place. And you don't need to join PayPal - just use your debit or credit card. [Back to FAQs]

Is it easy to quit if I want to?

Yes. You can quit any time by canceling your PayPal payment. If you need help with that we'll be glad to provide it. [Back to FAQs]

Is there a limit on the number of members?

No, at the moment there is no limit on the number of members. We're in the forum almost every day and if we ever need to limit the number of members we will. [Back to FAQs]

What if I need some help with the forum?

Just ask. Seriously, you can ask right there on the forum - you'll find the members helpful. Or send us an email. We know not everyone has experience with online forums. Let us help. [Back to FAQs]

Where does the name, About Writing Squared, come from?

We knew we wanted an over-arching name and we knew what we would be offering was about freelance writing. One of us noticed that we both have last names starting with W. From there it was a short hop to About Writing Squared. It makes sense to us - does it to you? [Back to FAQs]

If you have any additional questions please email us - we tend to answer pretty quickly. Our email address is:

We look forward to you joining us!

Anne Wayman & Lori Widmer Freelance Writers
If you'd like some support in your freelance writing business why not join us now?

Got some questions? Check out our FAQs.

Curious about how it works? Take a look at some sample screen shots.