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Writers - Uncover Your Hidden Profit Potential

Hi, Anne Wayman and Lori Widmer here. You know us, probably. Lori blogs at Words On The Page and Anne at AboutFreelanceWriting. Together we've got (gasp!) over half a century of freelance writing experience.

We got to talking not too long ago and realized that not only do we get a lot of questions about how to run a profitable freelance writing business, but that we actually have some real-life answers - answers we know will help others build a meaningful writing business that not only provides a decent income but will help you develop and support the balance you really want in your life.

So we began developing a webinar we could offer that would point you in the right direction.

See if any of these situations ring true for you:

  • You want to break out and start your own freelance writing business, but you're not sure if you dare or how to begin.
  • You're doing some freelance writing now but you're not making enough money.
  • You're wanting to expand your business but you're hesitating.
  • Your writing business is growing but it's driving you crazy.
  • It sometimes seems if the people in your life hate what you're doing.
  • You know you can write well but you don't know how to get the better paid gigs.
  • You're not sure you have enough credits, tear sheets or authority to apply for the gigs you want or to approach the clients you'd like to work for.
Well, we've got some answers for you!

We'll show you how to Uncover Your Hidden Profit Potential!

In this one hour Webinar will teach you how to:

  1. Know exactly what you really want from your writing business
  2. Recognize how your view of yourself can directly interfere with your profits and what to do about it.
  3. Unlock the incredible value you bring to your business
  4. Find and contract with clients that need exactly the skills you have, and are willing to pay you well. your target clients
  5. Build a referral network that keeps you just as busy as you want to be.
  6. Become  mindful as you approach to your business decisions so you're decisions are truly effective.

Will this webinar make you rich overnight? Of course not. Nor is it likely to help you win the Pulitzer Prize or even get your favorite consumer magazine to make you a contributing editor by next week.

What this webinar can do, however, is help you move from where you are in your freelance writing to your next step, and probably the step beyond that.

But this webinar does something else, too, something that we haven't seen done, at least not in the writers community. We know, from experience, that writers tend to be isolated - even when we're writing in coffee shops.

We also remember how helpful it would have been to have ongoing support with the AboutWritingSquared Supportive Writing Forum. (Writing squared actually comes from the fact that it's a Wayman and Widmer joint venture - WSquared.) When you purchase this webinar you'll be automatically made a member of this amazing and supportive writing seminar for a full 6 months absolutely free!

Yes, we have bonuses - 5 of 'em - worth well over $100.00!

  1. You’ll be part of the Launch Team for the About Writing Squared forums, the Supportive Writing forum . As part of the Launch Team you’ll receive a full 6 month’s membership, absolutely free – at least a  $29.94 value.
  2. You’ll get Lori’s ebook The Worthy Writer's Guide to Building a Better Business , an $11.95 value, yours free when you sign up.
  3. You’ll also receive Anne’s ebook, How To Get Started In Profitable Freelance Writing Now! A $19.95 value absolutely free when you sign up.
  4. Access to a recording for at least 90 days of the webinar in case you can’t make it or just want to hear it again - at least a $39 value
  5. A .pdf of the webinar with all the information and links so you won’t even have to take notes - worth $39.00 or more.

- You’ll be automatically entered into a drawing – two lucky winners will receive a 30 minute coaching session with either Lori or Anne – a $125 value for each winner.

Here's when it will be and how it will work:

The webinar will take place on Thursday, June 23 at 1 p.m. Pacific Time which is 4 p.m. Eastern Time. (Remember, you'll have access to the recording for 90 days if you can't make this date.)

Once you complete your payment, you'll be taken to the webinar registration page. Complete that and you'll be given the webinar phone number and conference code. (Yes, you'll probably have to pay long distance or use Skype.)

How much does all this cost you ask?

A mere
$49.99. Okay, we know that $50 bucks is nothing to be sneezed at, to use a cliche. On the other hand, we're pretty certain it's a worthwhile investment in yourself and your writing career. Don't you agree?

Just click the Buy Now button below and you'll be on your way to discovering you Hidden Profit Potential!