Action Is Key For A Successful Freelance Writing Business

by LoriAnne

freelance writers need massive action

Sometimes I think many would-be writers would rather spend time doing almost anything but writing and marketing their writing.

They spend, or so some of them tell me, hours reading blogs about writing and about the writers behind those blogs.

Their book shelves are lined with books on how to write and their Kindles are getting stuffed with more of the same.

They worry about making artistic compromises and are often found on the free writing forums complaining about how hard it is to make a living writing or to get writing published.

It makes me want to tear my hair out!

Here’s why:

As much as I love having readers for this blog and my other writing blogs, if you’re not writing in addition to reading writing blogs, you’re wasting your time – that is, you’re wasting your time if you want to be a successful writer. You’ve got to write – there’s just no way around it.

While reading books and ebooks about writing can often point you in the right direction – I have comments from readers of mine indicating they are valuable and you can get two free one’s by signing up for the Guest Newsletter (look to your right) – collecting books and even reading them won’t help your writing or your writing business if you’re not writing regularly. Not only do you have to write regularly, but you have to run your writing like the business you say you want to have, and that includes the bookkeeping and the marketing.

Worrying about creative compromise probably has its place, but unless you’re writing you’re blowing smoke when you spend time on such issues.

Spending time with others who will support your notion that it’s “impossible to make a living writing these days” is totally wasted time. Obviously, I’m in favor of forums – I started the one right here. It works largely because we support each other toward success. Sure we whine a bit, but that’s not the emphasis.

free content for writersThe emphasis in the 5 Buck Forum is on  learning from each other, and holding each other gently accountable. Which is not only more productive, over the long haul it earns us more money and is a heck of a lot more fun.

Self-help guru Tony Robbins talks about how taking massive action can be an effective tool to success. (Or at least he used to – does he still? It’s been awhile since I’ve heard him.)

What might massive action in writing look like?

Creating a daily writing schedule and sticking to it.

Sending out 10 or 20 queries or letters of introduction every week.

Phoning five or more potential clients each and every day.

Spending 30 minutes to an hour every day really writing that book you’ve always talked about.

Reading Lori’s Marketing 365 and doing one action a day you find there for a year or finding the 10 or 20 techniques that fit you best and doing them to a schedule that will result in more business.

Setting up a way to be accountable with someone else about your writing and sticking with that. (We do have an accountability thread on the 5 Buck Forum – that alone is worth the $5 a month! Just heard an ad by Tony Robbins [another coincidence] who says those who have an accountability system set up experience 400 percent more success than those who don’t. ) You can join or get more information here.

Those are just a few suggestions.

Your turn. What kind of massive action will you take to help your freelance writing career? What gets in your way? Comments are open.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman



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Sharon Hurley Hall March 28, 2013 at 6:17 am

Great tips, Anne, though I don’t really send that many queries. However, I’m getting more consistent about marketing myself on LinkedIn and am starting to use Slideshare, thanks to Cathy’s excellent example.

Cathy Miller March 28, 2013 at 8:58 am

Thanks for the shout-out, Sharon.

Great tips indeed, Anne. And I can attest to the effectiveness of the Accountability exercise many of us participate in 5 Buck Forum. It has really helped my focus.

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