I’ve got no writing experience, how can I start?

by LoriAnne

writers experienceHi AWS,

I’ve worked in human resources for over a decade, but I don’t have experience writing in that field. All the writing gigs I’ve seen ask for samples in the HR field and I don’t have any. What can I do?


Hi Lilly,

You’ve been in HR for 10 years and you don’t have any experience writing in that field? I don’t believe it!

Surely you’ve written a report or two as part of your job. In fact I’ll bet you’ve written all sorts of things, from job descriptions to rather lengthy reports about one thing or another HR related for your employers.

Okay, maybe you’ve never written a magazine article, but what about articles for newsletters? Or maybe even a complete newsletter?

free content for writersJust because you’ve never had an article published in a magazine or book or blog doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of experience writing in your field.

Start by making a list of such documents. My hunch is you’ll you stop before you finish because you’ve been doing way more writing in the field than you realized. And it’s possible that you might be able to use one or two of those as samples; if your not sure, ask – you may be pleasantly surprised.

You can actually use that list as the start of your writing credits for your website. (And if you don’t have a website yet make that a priority with these 8 steps.)

You can write a few sample articles for your website.

You can use your experience to write an article or two for magazines on spec – you submit the whole article.

You can cite your work experience in a query to magazine editors.

You can cite that experience in your response to ads; if you also link to your website samples you’re all set.

It may help to remember that none of us was born with writing credits! We’ve all had to get our first one and then our second, etc.

If you really want to start freelance writing the thing to do is to start writing and submitting, and responding to ads offering reasonable rates for writing. There really is no secret – as Nike says, just do it!

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Now it’s your turn. Tell us, in comments, how you got started or describe the problems you’re having getting started.

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