5 Fears That Get In The Way Of (Finally) Getting Your Book Written

by LoriAnne

bookwritingWhen people discover I ghostwrite books and that I coach people to getting their book written I run into a lot of folks who say something like, “Gee, I’ve got a great idea for a book… but…” which is followed by any number of reasons they have for not writing it.

Sometimes the reasons sound legitimate to me, but often I feel they reflect a fear of actually getting a book written.

Here are the seven fears about writing a book that I find most often:

Fear of the size of the project- Most books should probably be around 200 pages or more, which means, more or less 40,000 words or more. That’s a truly big writing project and it takes a sustained effort over time to get it done. Obviously it can be done – you have only to look at Amazon or any book store to see that there are lots and lots of books published every year. Wikipedia counts some 328,259 published in 2010, including, apparently, self-published books. And that’s just in the United States! Assuming one writer per book, that’s certainly evidence that it’s possible to get a book written – if you truly want to do it.

Fear of self-exposure - Many people start a book then become afraid that they are revealing too much about themselves. And it’s true – if you write a book that gets published and sells well, you are putting yourself out there with your ideas. But most people who want to write a book also want that exposure. Is that fear worth stopping you?

free content for writersFear that your life will change – this one might be called fear of success – the idea that if the book sells even moderately well it’s likely to change your life. And it’s true. Having a book out in the world gives you more authority. Some might expect more of you because you’re a published author. If you happen to write a true best seller you might get rich, which would certainly change your life! But you know what? Your life will change even if you don’t write a book. The real question is how far are you willing to expand?

Fear of what, failure? This fear kicks in when you think you may sell only a handful of copies and you think that means failure. It doesn’t, of course. Just by getting a book written and published you’re miles ahead of many people who only say they want to do it. Besides, which feels more like failure really, never getting a book written when you want to, or only selling a few?

Fear that your ideas will change even before the book is published.  This fear is particularly true of people who have a philosophy they want to share. Putting it down in a book somehow seems like locking it in. What’s really true, of course, is that probably your ideas will change even if you don’t write the book – if you do, you can always right another book that explains your growth.

What fear did I leave out? How do you identify with these? What can you do about them?

Write well and often.

Anne Wayman



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